[U-Boot-Users] Using at91 with a different parallel flash, request for help

Roman Kolesnikov romank at randrlabs.com
Sat Jun 10 05:46:20 CEST 2006

The only difference I see is in the CFI address 13h becomes 3 for my chip instead of 2 for at91rm9200ek board parallel flash. I am not sure what altogether must be changed.
As always with me, the experience always comes after the need.


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Date: Fri, 09 Jun 2006 20:18:25 -0700
From: Roman Kolesnikov <romank at randrlabs.com>
Subject: [U-Boot-Users] Using at91 with a different parallel flash
	request	for help
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I am using a similar to at91rm9200ek board. The board is very similar to 
that of at91rm9200ek, except that the framebuffer is off and few other 
minor changes.

I am also using an atmel parallel flash. It is 8 MB = 4M x16  by Atmel 
at49bv6416c.  When I boot u boot 1.1.4 my sdram shows up (all 32MB) but 
my bank 1 shows 0.

I am reading the board setup files and flash.c, but I am not shure what 
specifically to look for.

Please advice,

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