[U-Boot-Users] Using at91 with a different parallel flash, request for help

Roman Kolesnikov romank at randrlabs.com
Tue Jun 13 07:04:31 CEST 2006

Marco Cavallini wrote:

> Roman Kolesnikov ha scritto:
>> Hello everyone,
>> I found the difference (with the help of Koan) in the command list 
>> and cycles for the newer Atmel chip. I have a new driver now to 
>> access the flash, and it works ok. However, I still have problem with 
>> UBoot1.1.4. When I load UBoot originally into flash and run, 
>> everything works well. However, when I restart the uboot from flash 
>> again, I think uboot overwrites something in the environment 
>> variables. My environment variables become corrupt. For instance the 
>> very first sign is invalid input, output, and debug settigns on the 
>> second start up.
>> When I print the environment variables, I get about 8K of garbage 
>> data. I wonder what could be causing my corruption. It only occurs in 
>> the environment variables.
> Hi Roman,
> Please show us your include/configs/at91rm9200dk.h
> Ciao

Here are my latest results.

I load uboot 1.1.4 (lowlevel init is skipped) into ram through bootload.bin.
I execute uboot 1.1.4
I load uboot 1.1.4 (low level init is present) into ram
I copy uboot 1.1.4(low level present) into flash at 10000000
I reset with external boot juped
uboot 1.1.4 loads fine
I saveenv
I reboot
I get errors about crc and stdin,out and error
I do printenv, I get 65K of .
At this point I see that my env variables are corrupted.

Here is my other trial
I load kernel into ram
I copy (linux) kernel into flash
I copy kernel from flash back to ram
I execute kernel -> I get bad magic number
However, the same kernel runs from ram

Somehow my data is corrupted. But why and how does the original uboot 
saved to flash is loading fine?

I am lost,

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