[U-Boot-Users] How to change MPU frequency in U-Boot?

Hiroki Kaminaga kaminaga at sm.sony.co.jp
Tue Jun 13 09:57:09 CEST 2006


From: "phAntOm yAng" <dalalilala at hellokitty.com>
> Now, I'm working on OMAP5912OSK with U-Boot 1.1.4-gb1d71358-dirty.
> The message of print_cpuinfo() is:
> CPU:   OMAP1611b at 96.0 MHz (DPLL1=96.0 MHz)
> But OMAP5912OSK should work on 192MHz.
> How to let OMAP5912 work on 192MHz during U-Boot phase?

You might want to check this:


Hope this helps.

(Hiroki Kaminaga)

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