[U-Boot-Users] A problem about global data

柳强 lqiang at scut.edu.cn
Thu Jun 15 04:14:35 CEST 2006


I am very sorry about I sent the previous e-mail with HTML messages. The following is about my question.

I am porting u-boot-1.1.4 to the target board xhyper255(pxa255,32M nor flash and 64M sdram). I use brightening led to trace my u-boot's progress on the target.and now I find a problem: when executing "gd->bd->bi_arch_number=200;"(this sentence is in function board_init(),board/xhyper255/xhyper255.c) and other similiar sentences("gd->bd->**=**"), the progress was terminated. 

But when executing other sentences such as "gd->env_addr  = (ulong)&default_environment[0];gd->env_valid = 0;"(these sentences are in function env_init(),common/env_flash.c),the progress can do them well.
I can not find what caused it.thank you!

best wishes!



        lqiang at scut.edu.cn

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