[U-Boot-Users] Dynamic location of the environment sector

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Thu Jun 22 12:44:42 CEST 2006

In message <449A6F42.9090509 at inaccessnetworks.com> you wrote:
> Ok. I found what the problem was. I was looking at the TRAB board which 
> is a PXA board with the environment embedded and did exactly the same 

No, TRAB is not a PXA system. It's a s3c2400 board.

> thing. What i did NOT notice is that it is mentioned explicitely in the 
> common/environment.c file, and that is why it works and mine did not:

No, this is not correct.

> #if (defined(CONFIG_CMI)        || \
>       defined(CONFIG_FADS)       || \
>       defined(CONFIG_HYMOD)      || \
>       defined(CONFIG_ICU862)     || \
>       defined(CONFIG_R360MPI)    || \
>       defined(CONFIG_TQM8xxL)    || \
>       defined(CONFIG_RRVISION)   || \
>       defined(CONFIG_TRAB)       || \
>       defined(CONFIG_MRG110_6)   || \
>       defined(CONFIG_PPCHAMELEONEVB) )   && \
>       defined(ENV_CRC) /* Environment embedded in U-Boot .ppcenv section */

The only effect of this is to put the  environment  into  a  separate
linker  section. You can do this, but you don't have to. You can make
this work without this setting es well. Just  configure  your  linker
script correctly.

> My board is not on the first #if, so it felt back to the last #else, 
> thus placing the env_size and environment in the wrong order.

This is an error in your linker script then.

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