[U-Boot-Users] 834x +serial +network

Marc Leeman marc.leeman at gmail.com
Mon Jun 26 21:00:58 CEST 2006

I'm porting U-boot to a mpc 8347 board, based on the mpc8349sys board.

Up until now, I haven't managed to get the serial communication up and
running :-/.

As with the 8349EMDS board, we've kept IMMR_BAR to 0xe0000000.
WM32    0xff400000      0xe0000000      ;MBAR to 0xe0000000

From the tests we've made, the BDI config seems to be fine (after some
tweaking of the RCW and timings for Spansion GL128N flash).
RCW 0x24600000 0x08230000

Since both the serial is not working; and neither is the networking for
the time being; I assume I'm missing something obvious (both are offsets

The board seems to get pretty far in the bootloader (main_loop); but
without serial, querying the values is difficult since
ppc_82xx-gdb/bdi/config does not show the correct values
(display/print) though stepping through the code seems correct.

If anyone has pointers what to look for, config registers, I'd appreciate
them... I guess I must be looking over the problem.

  greetz, marc
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