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Marc Leeman marc.leeman at gmail.com
Tue Jun 27 21:54:25 CEST 2006

> From the tests we've made, the BDI config seems to be fine (after some
> tweaking of the RCW and timings for Spansion GL128N flash).

At least writing to the 0xe0004500 toggles the scope, so writing directly
seems to work.

We had another look at some of the configuration of the mpc8349emds and
adjusted them for our configuration; but even though we've removed some
apparent problems and integrated flash support for Spanshion, still

As with my previous board, I've kept TEXT_BASE to 0xFFF00000 and the
boot location at 0xfff00100.

Whe placing TEXT_BASE at 0xFF000000 (flash start, 16 MB); the bootloader
starts but when placing it at 0xFFF00000, the bootloader hangs at
initialing flash (mapping) in the assembler code.

I found a discussion about masking when merging the ADS and EMDS port
and masking of the boot location; so I'll look in that direction: at
first glance, judging by Kumar's mail; there seems to be a way to mask
the boot address 0xFFF00100 to 0xFE000100; whithout the need of external
BCSR; which is not on our board.

  greetz, marc
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