[U-Boot-Users] Serial Console

Jeff Mann MannJ at embeddedplanet.com
Thu Jun 29 18:46:23 CEST 2006

Based on some good advice from Marc, I have been tracing through the
buffers to find my problem. I can see console output being written to a
buffer at IMMR|0x2811 (0xFA202881 in my case). The buffer pointer
appears to never advance,  but this may be because I am debugging and
the SMC services this buffer before the next call to smc_putc(...). I do
not know. OR this may be one of the problems that I am looking for.

So, the culprit seems to be that the SMC buffer is not properly
initialized, though the baudrate generator and SMC registers are set up
correctly (see previous posts). Also, I am noticing that the serial
initialization functions that set up the buffer are not called, but this
could just be my oversight because of the unusual (or atlesat to me) way
addresses for the functions are passed in a struct and then called by
address somewhere else. 

So what would help the most is if someone could inform me of the
inilialization sequence and function calls used to set up the SMC. It
seems conceptually straight forward, but my breakpoints in smc_init(),
for example, are never hit when the buffer pointers are set up. 


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