[U-Boot-Users] booting wince nk.nb0 on uboot

Shiju Mathew mshiju at gmail.com
Fri Jun 30 00:19:02 CEST 2006

I was able to create the nk.nb0 file using a utility cvrtbin. But the
problem is that when i copy the nk.nb0 file to RAM and try to call using the
command "go", the wince is not executed. So I doubt is there any memory
configuration i need to do for wince. ie. in config.bib on wince.


On 6/29/06, Menon, Nishanth <x0nishan at ti.com> wrote:
>  Long long years ago.. I remember booting off a omap platform.. we got a
> binary which was capable of booting off ram.. that allowed it to boot.. some
> bin2raw or some utility.. we had mistaken bin of wince to be raw data.. it
> was not..
> Dunno abt it now.. platform builder 5 or so is latest I think..
> Regds
> NM
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> Hi,
> I have a pxa270 based board. We have both linux and wince running on the
> system. Right now we are using uboot to boot linux and eboot to boot wince.
> We want to use uboot to boot both linux and wince. I read a few post in this
> mailing list regarding wince booting and one of them says that uboot
> supports wince nk.nb0 format. I tried this format as below but just got a
> message "Starting application at 0xa0100000".
> tftp 0xa0100000 NK.nb0
> go 0xa0100000
> Has anyone successful in booting wince images using uboot. I am not sure
> whether i need to modify any configuration parameters for wince image
> build.I am using uboot-1.1.3
> Thanks,
> Shiju

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