[U-Boot-Users] Adding devices' init in board.c

Martijn de Gouw martijn.de.gouw at prodrive.nl
Thu Mar 2 09:12:01 CET 2006

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> Subject: [U-Boot-Users] Adding devices' init in board.c
> Hello all
> I'm looking to init an external device (an lcd screen through a RM9200
> based board) while starting U-Boot. So i've write a binary file to
> check if my .C sources were right and load it into the RAM. Typing the
> go 20000000 command (after a tftp transfer) get success and my device
> is initialised.

Does u-boot return to the command prompt after this init?

> So i've tryed to put a function call in my arm board.c and while i'm
> building the new U-Boot.bin, everything is right (the .o file is
> created and u-boot.bin is build), but nothing is running (there is no
> message and prompt on my RS232 Debug display and the board is not
> booting).

Hook up the bdi and start debugging
> Is there something specific to do to init a device using board.c? or
> is there any possiblity to include and launch the binary file in
> U-Boot?

#define CONFIG_BOARD_EARLY_INIT_F 1         /* Call
board_early_init_f(lash) from $board.c  */
#define CONFIG_MISC_INIT_R      1           /* Call misc_init_r(am) from
$board.c        */

Regards, martijn

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