[U-Boot-Users] Bogus External Interrupt

do dosilasolfamiredo at o2.pl
Thu Mar 2 23:07:47 CET 2006


I am trying to write simple program similar to examples/timer.c, which 
uses interrupts from general purpose timers.

My board is based on mpc8260 and I am using U-boot 1.1.4.

When interrupt is generated from timer, there also appears message: 
Bogus External Interrupt IRQ 0.

I don't know why bogus interrupt appears and how it is related to my 
timer interrupt.This is also strange that the number of IRQ is 0. This 
bogus interrupt appears only when timer is started. When I have 
registered my timer interrupt handler with irq_install_handler, but not 
started timer, everything was ok, and I was able to check with irqinfo 
that my handler is registered.

I would be grateful for some suggestions what can be wrong.

Best regards!

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