[U-Boot-Users] 'Need help to Port Wget to U-boot'

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Wed Mar 8 10:06:34 CET 2006

In message <34182. at> you wrote:
>   My requirement is before Linux boots up i should be able to use wget
> from the U-boot.

As mentioned before: is this is really what you want to do,  then  it
it  easier  to boot up Linux. Provide a minimal Linux image (probably
based on busybox and it's builtin version of wget) which does not get
overwritten in the field. Then never overwrite this emergency image.

Alternatively consider switching protocols. Instead  of  using  wget,
uyoiu could use NFS which is available in U-Boot.

>  This requirement is to implement FAIL-SAFE condition in the u-boot itself.
>  Because we are going to update Linux related frirmware in the field
> except u-boot. Suppose if power goes off while copying to FLASH then we
> can't make the device up and running.

So far this is a standard requirement which is common with many other
embedded systems.

>  To avoid this problem we have planned to implement wget, so that u-boot

This decision was wrong, as it requires a lot of stuff  that  is  not
available  in  U-Boot.  And  it  makes  no sense to put such stuff in
U-Boot, as this is a boot loader and not an OS. If you need wget, use
an OS. It's trivial to do.

You should reconsider your requirements and decisions.

> itself can pick the firmeware from our support site and program the
> device.

Change the protocol. Use NFS.

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