[U-Boot-Users] 'Need help to Port Wget to U-boot'

nreddy at netenrich.com nreddy at netenrich.com
Wed Mar 8 11:00:17 CET 2006

Thanks for your valuable suggestion.


> In message <34182. at> you wrote:
>>   My requirement is before Linux boots up i should be able to use wget
>> from the U-boot.
> As mentioned before: is this is really what you want to do,  then  it
> it  easier  to boot up Linux. Provide a minimal Linux image (probably
> based on busybox and it's builtin version of wget) which does not get
> overwritten in the field. Then never overwrite this emergency image.
> Alternatively consider switching protocols. Instead  of  using  wget,
> uyoiu could use NFS which is available in U-Boot.
>>  This requirement is to implement FAIL-SAFE condition in the u-boot
>> itself.
>>  Because we are going to update Linux related frirmware in the field
>> except u-boot. Suppose if power goes off while copying to FLASH then we
>> can't make the device up and running.
> So far this is a standard requirement which is common with many other
> embedded systems.
>>  To avoid this problem we have planned to implement wget, so that u-boot
> This decision was wrong, as it requires a lot of stuff  that  is  not
> available  in  U-Boot.  And  it  makes  no sense to put such stuff in
> U-Boot, as this is a boot loader and not an OS. If you need wget, use
> an OS. It's trivial to do.
> You should reconsider your requirements and decisions.
>> itself can pick the firmeware from our support site and program the
>> device.
> Change the protocol. Use NFS.
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