[U-Boot-Users] About Network Console Protocol and nc/ncb

Frederic Kwiatkowski stagedrt at gmail.com
Thu Mar 16 09:50:38 CET 2006

Hi all

I'm wondering how to use te Network Console Protocol. I've read the
README.NetConsole file and discoverd it, but does this feature is
available on every boards-configs, such as the at91 one?

I've tried to set the env variable like this:
setenv nc 'setenv stdout nc;setenv stdin nc'
setenv ncip (wich is the board's IP)
run nc

and run the following script on my Linux Computer:
#! /bin/bash

[ $# = 1 ] || { echo "Usage: $0 target_ip" >&2 ; exit 1 ; }

stty icanon echo intr ^T
./ncb &
nc -u ${TARGET_IP} 6666
stty icanon echo intr ^C
kill 0

but when i try to use ./ncip.sh, nothings happen
So i thoutgh the ncip have to be the one of my desktop computer, but
nothing better

Does anyone have already use this feature?

With regards


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