[U-Boot-Users] 2 flash sizes, starting at different addresses in the same u-boot binary?

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Wed Mar 22 13:52:44 CET 2006

In message <E7E846FF4F1FE947AABFF850350820780CBFC4 at PTLISI051MSX.PT001.SIEMENS.NET> you wrote:
> 	I needed to have u-boot support 2 versions of the same hardware,
> 	in which the only difference is the flash size. I'm using the CFI
> 	driver. If in both versions of the hardware the flash started at
> 	the same address, the CFI driver would take care of it. However,
> 	they don't start at the same address (they must end at the same
> 	address).
> 	Does anyone has a clue if there is an easy way to have u-boot
> 	support these 2 versions in the same binary?

U-Boot does this in a  couple  of  systems.  It's  not  difficult  to
support such a setup.

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