[U-Boot-Users] LCD on OMAP2430 target

Goswami Jigisha-ejg014 ejg014 at motorola.com
Wed Mar 29 17:38:10 CEST 2006

I am working on getting my target LCD up with U-Boot. My board is
OMAP2430 and the display controller is that 
of OMAP2430. The LCD is an 18 bit QVGA TFT. Here is what is changed in
1) I added a new file called omap2430fb.c, which is my Display Driver,
and put with my board specific files.
 I took pxafb.c as reference.
2) I declared my panel structure in lcd.h file
2) I defined CONFIG_LCD in my board config file.
3) I wanted to use the cmd_bmp command so I added CFG_CMD_BMP to my
board config file as well.
After I built my changes with U-Boot and flashed the image, I turn on
the board and get the following message:
U-Boot 1.1.3 (Mar 28 2006 - 17:48:08)

U-Boot code: 80E80000 -> 80EA1450  BSS: -> 80ECC518
OMAP2430C-GP revision 0, PRCM #5A
TI 2430SDP Base Board + 0.1 Version + mDDR
RAM Configuration:
Bank #0: 80000000 128 MB
Bank #1: 88000000  0 kB
Flash: 64 MB
*** Warning - bad CRC, using default environment

This message is coming from common/env_common.c file. Can anyone help me
identify the mistake? 

Is that all I have to do to enable my target LCD within U-Boot? My goal
is to be able to write images on the 

LCD verify if it is OK.




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