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> Hello everybody
> there is a compilation error with GCC >= 3.4 and all U-Boot ARM  
> targets like motorola mx1ads (arm920t).
> the ARM '-mshort-load-bytes' compilation flag is deprecated and no  
> more supported.
> Since all referenced ARM cpus are based on the ARMv4 core or higher,  
> It is possible to remove this flag.
> the binary code produced is compatible (as described in GCC doc).
> I checked it with the ELDK GCC 3.3.3 and a GCC 3.4.2 without problem  
> on a Freescale imx board.
> Note: There is an alternate GCC flag to solve this problem (- 
> malignment-traps)  but this flag seems to be deprecated with the  
> recent  GCC 4.
> Actually i'm interested to solve the problem with the arm920t.
> For developers this is the list of affected files/architectures and  
> hereafter a patch to support GCC 3.4 and upper:
> cpu/arm720t/config.mk
> cpu/arm920t/config.mk
> cpu/arm925t/config.mk
> cpu/arm926ejs/config.mk
> cpu/ixp/config.mk
> cpu/lh7a40x/config.mk
> cpu/pxa/config.mk
> cpu/s3c44b0/config.mk
> cpu/sa1100/config.mk
> Feedbacks are welcome. Thanks
> Best regards,
> Eric Jarrige

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