[U-Boot-Users] TEXT_BASE and hardware configuration word on MPC8248

Laurent Pinchart laurent.pinchart at tbox.biz
Thu May 4 13:38:03 CEST 2006

Hi everybody,

I've been able to flash an Embedded Planet EP8248 board with u-boot 1.1.4 with 
success, and I'm now trying to run it on a custom MPC8248 based board.

The custom board, unlike the EP8248 which provides the hardware reset 
configuration word through the on board FPGA, stores the HRCW in flash 

The board has a single 16-bit 128Mbit flash chip, which is mapped at 

I'm a bit puzzled by the way the u-boot image is relocated at link time. 
TEXT_BASE is defined as 0xFFF00000, as the board boots from high memory. The 
_start symbol is located at 0xFFF00100, which looks fine to me. However, the 
HRCW is stored at 0xFFF00000, while it should in my opinion be at the 
beginning of the flash at 0xFF000000.

Is there something I don't understand in the MPC8248 boot process ?

Thanks in advance for all the help you can provide.

Best regards,

Laurent Pinchart

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