[U-Boot-Users] Uboot failed to run with little endian.

Raymond Geng uboot.kernel at gmail.com
Sat May 6 07:41:56 CEST 2006

Hi, all:
    My situation is:
      Board: customized board based on dbau1550.
      Uboot: 1.1.4
      Toolchain: ELDK 4.0
      Flash Progrmmer: From Macraigor System LLC.
   When I compiled Uboot as big endian(CROSS_COMPILE=mips_4KC-), everything
was OK, Uboot worked perfectly. But when I compiled Uboot as little
endian(CROSS_COMPILE=mips_4KCle-), It didn't run. And I debugged it. If it
was big endian, the first instruction at 0xBFC00000 was 0x1000000ff, and if
it was little endian, the first instruction at 0xBFC0000000 was 0xff000010.
Can anybody explain this for me, and why uboot failed to run?
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