[U-Boot-Users] NAND search for bad blocks on startup

David Ashley uboot at xdr.com
Mon May 8 20:46:43 CEST 2006

>In message <200605061602.k46G2T6b030445 at xdr.com> you wrote:
>> The newer NAND system seems to do a bad block search on startup.
>> This takes several seconds when the NAND is big, like 256Mbytes.
>> How about an #ifndef around this search, like CFG_NAND_NO_BAD_BLOCK_SEARCH
>> so it can be turned off?
>Do you think this is a good idea?

Hmmm. I guess I don't really understand the reasons why the nand bad was
done automatically on startup in the first place. I'm mainly just
speaking of during development -- 5-10 seconds additional delay on
each iteration of testing out u-boot adds up. So it would be nice to
be able to *not* do the nand bad intentionally at startup during

Maybe the switch could exist, but after final code release always
don't activate it so it does the "nand bad" on startup as it
does now...


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