[U-Boot-Users] serial interface in U-boot

Kaushik karandikar kaushikkarandikar at yahoo.com
Wed May 10 09:33:22 CEST 2006

Hi all,
          I am successfully able to  configure the u-boot for phytec board (for ARM7TDMI). I am getting the  u-boot prompt. 
         But the problem is i am not able  to trnasfer the image at specified address in RAM( which is say  0x81000000). Even u-boot is finding this address , thts not the issue.
        I am transferring a sample application  code (blink LED) at this location. As i am getting the prompt and other  prints through minicom utility , serial interface is working.
       Is there any configurable option need to set  say for ymodem, kermit,xmodem,zmodem in u-boot ? so that i can transfer  my application image through minicom.
  In my board_config.h file i have define : CONFIG_BAUDRATE 9600
  but when i execute the 'bdinfo' command from the prompt i am getting baud as 0.
  Can anyone please let me know about this.
  Thanks and Regards,
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