[U-Boot-Users] Intel P30, HowTo?

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Fri May 12 14:21:05 CEST 2006

Dear Konstatntin,

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In message <20060512083731.GB18479 at ku-gbr.de> you wrote:
> > Are you sure that  your  board  configuration  is  OK?  Checked  your
> > CFG_MAX_FLASH_SECT definiton?
> ARGH! The value was too less.

Yeah, the symptoms looked like writing out of the bounds of the array.

> Now it unlocks erases and programs the flash fine so far.
> But what is this variable for?

It defines the size of the array which holds the  flash  information.
It's statically allocated.

> flinfo gets the right capacity and number of sectors automatically.

When I wrote that code I decided to use a static array  because  this
results in a smaller code size... Not a big issue on most boards, but
a piece of the puzzle on a few.

> Is it harmful the variable being too big? I have 

You waste a little memory, that's all.

> CFG_MAX_FLASH_SECT set to 266 now, because I don't now the number of
> sectors of p30 flash exactly...

Look it up in the data sheet!

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