[U-Boot-Users] Using a second I2C interface

Andreas Schweigstill andreas at schweigstill.de
Mon May 15 16:43:09 CEST 2006


Wolfgang Denk schrieb:
> A clean design should allow to switch I2C  busses  usign  a  command;
> additionally,  I think we should try to stay backward-compatible with
> the existing code. Eventually this is not too difficult:  similar  to
> the  "ide"  or  "usb"  commands  we  could  create a new command "i2c
> device" which takes as argument the number of the I2C bus which  shal
> become  the  current  (=  active)  bus. Then all existing I2C related
> commands can be left unchanged (and "i2c  device"  without  arguments
> should of course print the ID of the current bus).

It has to be taken into account that the I2C busses may have different
adress length. So either the address length has to be read back from
the low-level driver or a table has to be maintained in the I2C command

With best regards
Andreas Schweigstill

PS.: Has anybody written some "high-level" I2C commands for chipcard

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