[U-Boot-Users] Bad Magic Number - bootm

Kaushik karandikar kaushikkarandikar at yahoo.com
Wed May 17 15:37:50 CEST 2006

hey thnx,
             Actually that problem is solved u r absolutely right ....i did mkimage and its working fine....but i am not able to see the linux prompt...
 Actually i am using Phytec board with LPC2294 ARM7TDMI. and i am using the following pachakes:
 Even i am able to write the kernel and romfs image using 'loadb' command of u-boot. but not getting prompt when i use 'bootm'.
 As there is no support for this board and CPU , iadded those in u-boot. 
 a bit out of track Question : Actually i am getting error : undrfineed reference to machine_lookup_type , somehow i am ablr to solve it by copying arch/arm/kernel/head-common.S to arch/arm/mach-lpc22xx/. and incude head-common.S at end in head.S.
 So is that right? if not what can be the wring thing i am doing ? i wanna boot uClinux on Phytec board. 
 Please help me out.
 Thanks and Regards,
Alan Casey <alan.casey5 at mail.dcu.ie> wrote: 
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>Subject: [U-Boot-Users] Bad Magic Number - bootm
>Date: Tue, 16 May 2006 03:57:23 -0700 (PDT)
>      Hi All,
>             I am compiling uClinux for Phytec board with LPC2294 ARM7TDMI.
>      When I tried to use "bootm 0x80020000" (the linux   kernel image address
>in Flash).
>        It gave me the "Bad Magic Number".
>      Could anyone tell me what was wrong ?I am new to this .
>    Please Help me out.
>    Thanks and Regards
>    Kaushik
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  Make sure that you have used the 'mkimage' tool to encapsulate
  a compressed or uncompressed Linux kernel image with header
  information, checksum etc. See the README file in your U-Boot
  distribution for details. e.g. for ARM Integrator platforms:

  mkimage -A arm -O linux -T kernel -C none -a 0x7fc0 -e 0x8000
          -n 'ARM Linux 2.6.x' -d linux-2.6.x.bin linux-2.6.x.img


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