[U-Boot-Users] problem in booting MPC860T based board

prashant sangal prashantsangal at yahoo.co.in
Fri May 19 09:53:08 CEST 2006

i m new to MPC based processors and boards.
currently i am working on a board , consisting of
xpc860t processor, two (4M X 16) SDRAM chips, AMIC
a29l040 (512K X 8) FLASH Memory, 40 MHz crystal.
while trying to boot it with u-boot , I used
include/configs/MBX860T.h configuration file . I made
following changes to this file..
1. #define CONFIG_8xx_CONS_SMC2 1
   #undef CONFIG_8xx_CONS_SMC1
(initially SMC1 was defined and SMC2 was undefined)
2. #define CONFIG_BAUDRATE 115200
3. #define CONFIG_BOOTCOMMAND "bootm FE000100"
initially it was FE020000, but as IP value is 0x0100
by default, FE000100 must be first location of flash
to be accessed...(please correct me if i m wrong)
4. #define CFG_FLASH_BASE 0xFE000000
initially it was defined as 0x00000000, i was confused
here... how is it possible to assign same base address
to FLASH and SDRAM, as we are booting the system with
0xFE000100 , I made it 0xFE000000
but the board is not booting. please help me to make
the right configurartion , so that board can work.
thank you very much
with regards
Prashant Kumar Sangal

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