[U-Boot-Users] ST M29W320DB Flash Chip

Madhu Saravana Sibi Govindan ssshayagriva at gmail.com
Wed May 24 16:35:11 CEST 2006

Hello all,

I know that this question may be out of place, but I thought someone
in the group might have encountered this situation.

I'm using the ST M29W320DB Flash Chip on a custom board based on
440GP. I'm using the  BDI2000 Hardware debugger to burn the u-boot
code onto this flash. I think I have got my BDI2000 config file wrong.
So, when I burn the U-boot code, the same byte gets written to all the
256 KB of addresses (0xfffc0000 to 0xffffffff).

The following is a snippet of the BDI 2000 config file (I got these
values by referring to the Ultimate Solutions webpage):

CHIPTYPE	AM29BX8     ;Flash type (AM29F | AM29BX8 | AM29BX16 | I28BX8 | I28BX16)
CHIPSIZE	0x400000     ;The size of one flash chip in bytes (e.g.
AM29F040 = 0x80000)
BUSWIDTH	8           ;The width of the flash memory bus in bits (8 | 16 | 32)

Also, I see this behavior when I do mm, mmh or mmb commands to modify
the flash memory too.

Has anyone seen this behavior and know how to correct this?  I'm also
going to write to Ultimate Solutions about this.

Thanks again and sorry if the question is out of place,

PS: See below for my full BDI2000 Config file.

;bdiGDB configuration file for IBM 440GP Reference Board
; ------------------------------------------------------
;DELAY 500
; MMAP 0xfffc0000 0xfffd0000
; MMAP 0xFFFD0000 0xFFFD0000
; Setup TLB
WTLB  0xF0000095  0x1F00003F  ;Boot Space 256MB
WTLB   0x00000098  0x0000003F  ;SDRAM 256MB @ 0x00000000

; Setup Peripheral Bus
WDCR    0x12    0x00000010      ;Select EBC0_B0AP
WDCR    0x13    0x9B015480      ;B0AP: Flash and SRAM
WDCR    0x12    0x00000000      ;Select EBC0_B0CR
WDCR    0x13    0xFFC58000      ;B0CR: 4MB at 0xFFC00000, r/w, 8bit
WDCR    0x12    0x00000012      ;Select EBC0_B2AP
WDCR    0x13    0x9B015480      ;B2AP: 4 MB Flash
WDCR    0x12    0x00000002      ;Select EBC0_B2CR
WDCR    0x13    0xff858000      ;B2CR: 4MB at 0xFF800000, r/w, 8bit

; Setup SDRAM Controller (DDR SDRAM)
; single-sided,non-buffered, 12x10(4), 128MB DIMM
; Tue May 16 15:06:06 CDT 2006
; Wed May 17 10:53:01 CDT 2006
WDCR    0x10    0x00000082      ;Select SDRAM0_CLKTR
WDCR    0x11    0x40000000      ;CLKTR: Advance 90 degrees
WDCR    0x10    0x00000080      ;Select SDRAM0_TR0
WDCR    0x11    0x410A4012      ;TR0: V2.0
WDCR    0x10    0x00000081      ;Select SDRAM0_TR1
WDCR    0x10    0x00000040      ;Select SDRAM0_B0CR
WDCR    0x11    0x000A4001      ;B0CR:
WDCR    0x10    0x00000030      ;Select SDRAM0_RTR
WDCR    0x11    0x08200000      ;RTR: V2.0
WDCR    0x10    0x00000020      ;Select SDRAM0_CFG0
WDCR    0x11    0x06000000      ;CFG0: 64bit, PMU disable
WDCR    0x11    0x06180000      ;RTR: V1.0

; bad ??
WDCR    0x11    0x86000000      ;CFG0: enable SDRAM
WDCR    0x11    0x8080082B      ;TR1: V2.0

; nonono
;WDCR   0x11    0x41054009      ;TR0: V1.0
;WDCR   0x11    0x40400800      ;TR1: V1.0

; BDIMODE LOADONLY ; nobody uses
STARTUP RESET    ; the default
;STARTUP RUN ; boot the bootloader
JTAGCLOCK   1                   ;use 8 MHz JTAG clock
CPUTYPE     440                 ;the used target CPU type
WAKEUP      1000                  ;wakeup time after reset
BREAKMODE   SOFT                ;SOFT or HARD, HARD uses PPC hardware breakpoint
STEPMODE    JTAG                ;JTAG or HWBP, HWBP uses one or two
hardware breakpoints
; VECTOR      CATCH               ;catch unhandled exceptions
;MMU         XLAT 0xC0000000     ;enable virtual address mode
;PTBASE      0x00000000          ;address where kernel/user stores
pointer to page table
;SIO         7 9600              ;TCP port for serial IO

; IP
;IP  ; krum
IP  ; Laptop
FILE        u-boot.bin
DUMP        dump.bin
PROMPT      ebony>

;WORKSPACE   0x00004000  ;workspace in SDRAM for fast programming algorithm
;WORKSPACE   0xFFF00000  ;workspace in SRAM for fast programming algorithm

; use when all is well
;WORKSPACE   0x00000000  ;workspace in SDRAM for fast programming algorithm
CHIPTYPE	AM29BX16     ;Flash type (AM29F | AM29BX8 | AM29BX16 | I28BX8
| I28BX16)
CHIPSIZE	0x400000     ;The size of one flash chip in bytes (e.g.
AM29F040 = 0x80000)
BUSWIDTH	8           ;The width of the flash memory bus in bits (8 | 16 | 32)
FILE        c:\tftpboot\u-boot.bin
FORMAT      BIN 0xFFFC0000
;ERASE       0xFFF80000  ;erase sector 0 of flash in U60 (AM29F040)
;ERASE       0xFFF90000  ;erase sector 1 of flash
;ERASE       0xFFFA0000  ;erase sector 2 of flash
;ERASE       0xFFFB0000  ;erase sector 3 of flash
;ERASE       0xFFFC0000  ;erase sector 4 of flash
;ERASE       0xFFFD0000  ;erase sector 5 of flash
;ERASE       0xFFFE0000  ;erase sector 6 of flash
;ERASE       0xFFFF0000  ;erase sector 7 of flash
ERASE        0xFFFC0000  ;erase sector 0 of flash

IDCR1   0x010   0x011   ;SDRAM0_CFGADDR and SDRAM0_CFGDATA
IDCR2   0x012   0x013   ;EBC0_CFGADDR   and EBC0_CFGDATA
IDCR3   0x014   0x015   ;EBM0_CFGADDR   and EBM0_CFGDATA
IDCR4   0x016   0x017   ;PPM0_CFGADDR   and PPM0_CFGDATA
FILE    c:\tftpboot\ebony\reg440gp.def

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