[U-Boot-Users] Intel 28F256J3C

xuxian lsfdxuxian at gmail.com
Wed May 31 09:15:45 CEST 2006

Hi all,

I try to make u-boot work on my board which is similar with OMAP5912OSK. But
the flash we using is 28F256J3C. I have already added 28F256J3C's
manufacture code and device id in the proper position of u-boot. But there
are several questions I can't figure out. 
1) How many sectors does 28F256J3C have? 256 or 259? How to divide 259
sectors in OSK which have two 16M flash. 
2) What's the meaning of "Internal FLASH identification codes" in flash.h
file. It defines like this: 
#define FLASH_28F320J3A 0x00C0		/* INTEL 28F320J3A ( 32M = 128K x
#define FLASH_28F640J3A 0x00C2		/* INTEL 28F640J3A ( 64M = 128K x
#define FLASH_28F128J3A 0x00C4		/* INTEL 28F128J3A (128M = 128K x
But I can't find this kind of information on 28F256J3C's datasheet. And what
the code should be in 28F256J3C?
3) Should I modify the read manufacture and device id command? I have some
trouble with the following codes:
/* Write auto select command: read Manufacturer ID */
	addr[0x5555] = (FPW) 0x00AA00AA;
	addr[0x2AAA] = (FPW) 0x00550055;
	addr[0x5555] = (FPW) 0x00900090;
Sorry for my English. Any help will be appreciated. Thank in advance.

Best Regard,

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