[U-Boot-Users] Intel 28F256J3C

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Wed May 31 09:48:39 CEST 2006

In message <447d42b2.45c5968f.442a.ffff9351 at mx.gmail.com> you wrote:
> I try to make u-boot work on my board which is similar with OMAP5912OSK. But
> the flash we using is 28F256J3C. I have already added 28F256J3C's
> manufacture code and device id in the proper position of u-boot. But there
> are several questions I can't figure out. 

Any reason for not using the CFI driver?

> 1) How many sectors does 28F256J3C have? 256 or 259? How to divide 259
> sectors in OSK which have two 16M flash. 

How about reading the chip manual?

> 2) What's the meaning of "Internal FLASH identification codes" in flash.h
> file. It defines like this: 

How about reading the comments in this file:

 * Internal FLASH identification codes
 * Be careful when adding new type! Odd numbers are "bottom boot sector" types!

> But I can't find this kind of information on 28F256J3C's datasheet. And what
> the code should be in 28F256J3C?

Do you really expect to find U-Boot internal information in the  chip
manual? I'm afraid we are not *that* prominent yet.

> 3) Should I modify the read manufacture and device id command? I have some
> trouble with the following codes:
> /* Write auto select command: read Manufacturer ID */
> 	addr[0x5555] = (FPW) 0x00AA00AA;
> 	addr[0x2AAA] = (FPW) 0x00550055;
> 	addr[0x5555] = (FPW) 0x00900090;

Probably this is not the command  sequence  expected  by  your  flash
chips. Please read the chip manual.

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