[U-Boot-Users] Which configuration?

Norman Baier spiessli at gmx.net
Wed May 31 14:15:31 CEST 2006

> > I would like to update the U-Boot of my embedded jukebox. It has a
> You mention "update", i. e. there is  already  a  version  of  U-Boot
> installed.

> > PPC 405 CPU without FPU. I was reading the documentation on the denx
> > site and the README in the source distribution, but I did not really
> > find out which configuration would best fit me.
> Why don't you just check with the source tree you received for  your
> device?  You  did  receive  one,  or  at  least  a link where you can
> download it, right?

I do not think they want me to have the source.
> What's the name of your device?

Hermstedt hifidelio.

Thanks for the answer,

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