[U-Boot-Users] tftpboot question

Reeve Yang yang.reeve at gmail.com
Wed Nov 1 00:13:53 CET 2006

I'm trying to use tftpboot to copy linux image into flash starting address
is 0xff300000, so I defined CFG_DIRECT_FLASH_TFTP. It looks data have been
written into flash since there is no any error. However, when I try to boot
linux, it returns gunzip error. If I download the same image using xmodem,
the kernel just boots fine. Do I need to do anything special for tftp direct
to flash? If I tftp image into ram(0x800000) then boot, it's just fine too.

### main_loop: bootcmd="bootm $loadaddr"
Hit any key to stop autoboot:  0
## Booting image at ff300000 ...
## Current stack ends at 0x0F5D0BB8 => set upper limit to 0x00800000
bd address  = 0x0F5D0FB8
memstart    = 0x00000000
memsize     = 0x10000000
flashstart  = 0xFF000000
flashsize   = 0x01000000
flashoffset = 0x00000000
sramstart   = 0x00000000
sramsize    = 0x00000000
immr_base   = 0xE0000000
bootflags   = 0x00000001
intfreq     =    264 MHz
busfreq     =    132 MHz
ethaddr     = 00:04:9F:11:22:33
eth1addr    = 00:E0:0C:00:7D:01
IP addr     =
baudrate    = 115200 bps
## Transferring control to Linux at ff300000 with bd at 007fffb0 ...

loaded at:     FF300000 FFA94124
relocated to:  00800000 00F94124
board data at: 007FFFB0 007FFFF8
relocated to:  00805114 0080515C
zimage at:     008058D5 00904243
initrd at:     00905000 00F91864
avail ram:     00F95000 01395000

Linux/PPC load: mem=248M
Uncompressing Linux...inflate returned FFFFFFFD
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