[U-Boot-Users] storing hush scripts

Ajay Jain ajay050 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 15 07:37:27 CET 2006

> > Infact, use (abuse) of environment variables to store the scripts is
> > strongly discouraged. 
> Who says so? I strongly disagree.

Refering to the text below:

CONFIG_EXTRA_ENV_SETTINGS: Define this to contain any number of null
terminated strings (variable = value pairs) that will be part of the
default environment compiled into the boot image. Warning: This method
is based on knowledge about the internal format how the environment is
stored by the U-Boot code. This is NOT an official, exported interface!
Although it is unlikely that this format will change soon, there is no
guarantee either.  You better know what you are doing here.  Note:
overly (ab)use of the default environment is discouraged. Make sure to
check other ways to preset the environment like the autoscript function
or the boot command first. 

Therfore, can we not interptet that use (abuse) is discouraged?


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