[U-Boot-Users] calling nand_probe

Stefan Roese sr at denx.de
Mon Nov 20 16:55:34 CET 2006

Hi Charles,

On Monday 20 November 2006 16:34, Charles Krinke wrote:
> I need to use JFFS2 & NAND to boot a linux kernel. With that in mind, I
> In looking through cmd_nand.c, I see the routine nand_probe which,
> amongs other things sets up the IO_ADDR member of the nand_chip
> structure.
> But, I don't see anywhere in the code base where nand_probe is called. I
> would have expected this to occur in the init_sequence[] array
> surrounded by an #ifdef CFG_CMD_NAND.

nand_probe() seems to be a function from the "legacy" NAND driver, which 
should no longer be used. Please take a look how this is done in the "new" 
NAND driver "drivers/nand/*". Examples to look at could be the pdnb3 board or 
the PPChameleonEVB.

> Can you help me understand if nand_probe is called and if not, where
> should it be called. Additionally, any hints about other things to
> consider in this little sub-project would be greatly appreciated.

Please see above.

Best regards,

PS: Again: Do not use the legacy NAND driver anymore. It's not supported 
anymore and will eventually be deleted by Wolfgang in the future.

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