[U-Boot-Users] environment problem with new board

Joe Steeve joe at sliceware.com
Wed Nov 22 20:07:26 CET 2006

Wolfgang Denk wrote:
>> that works apart from 'help' is 'version' :P I think I screwed something
>> with the cmdtbl. I've a slightly messed up u-boot.lds where all input
>> sections (.text, .data, .rodata*, . u_boot_cmd,..) in one huge section.

> You're meddling with a lot of pretty critical places all at  once.  I
> wouldn't  do  that,  if  I were you. I see no reason to mess with the
> linker script, for example.

I had to do that because., the boot code starts executing at 0x40000000
which is a ROM., and the DRAM is at 0x90000000. So., the startup
relocation code is linked at 0x40000000 while the relocatable code (the
rest of u-boot) is linked at 0x90000000. In the startup code., i move
u-boot out to the DRAM and transfer control to 'start_armboot' in

All existing linker scripts start at one constant address., and so have
no issues. Anywayz., I figured the problem is not with the linker
script., but something weird with the macros.

For example., I checked using #error messages and found that the
following '#if' in common/cmd_mem.c is failing.,

			CFG_CMD_I2C	| \
			CFG_CMD_PCI	| \

I have '#define CONFIG_COMMANDS CFG_CMD_ALL' in my configs/myboard.h.

I'm quite confused how the compiler did not throw an error. When
compiling common/cmd_mem.c, the first header to be included is the
config.h, in which CFG_CMD_ALL is used but not defined. I found that it
is defined in include/cmd_confdefs.h. Should I be including this header
in the configs/myboard.h?

Joe Steeve
Sliceware Private Limited

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