[U-Boot-Users] environment problem with new board

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Wed Nov 22 21:04:31 CET 2006

In message <45649FEE.6030107 at sliceware.com> you wrote:
> > You're meddling with a lot of pretty critical places all at  once.  I
> > wouldn't  do  that,  if  I were you. I see no reason to mess with the
> > linker script, for example.
> I had to do that because., the boot code starts executing at 0x40000000

No. You _though_ you had to do this. This was one of your errors.

> All existing linker scripts start at one constant address., and so have
> no issues. Anywayz., I figured the problem is not with the linker
> script., but something weird with the macros.

...or with your configuration

> is defined in include/cmd_confdefs.h. Should I be including this header
> in the configs/myboard.h?

If you had just compared your ocnfiguration agains any other existing,
known to be working board, you should have run over this comment in
all board config files:

/* this must be included AFTER the definition of CONFIG_COMMANDS (if any) */
#include <cmd_confdefs.h>

Guess what that does?

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