[U-Boot-Users] McBsp Interface on OMAP - Uboot

Ram vshrirama at gmail.com
Tue Nov 28 10:23:04 CET 2006

   I have been asked to test McBsp interface on OMAP.

   Im configuring the Aic29 Codec and McBsp and am writing a square
wave pattern.

   Its not working, im not able see anything on the CRO when i probe.

  Before witing to the McBsp, i ensure that the previous data is read,
So i read  Serial Port Control Register (SPCR1) and check for RFULL
bit(Reciever Full Bit).

  Whenever, i read im getting 0xFFFF.

  The reset value for this register is 0x0000. Atleast i should get
the reset value when i read, isnt it?.

Im directly reading the physical address of the register as given by
the datasheet.

Do i need to do something - so that whenever i access that particular
address, it actually
accesses the mcbsp register.

 Im not sure if it a memory map problem or something else, im unable
to figure out what could be wrong.

Can you help me on this.



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