[U-Boot-Users] How do I boot VxWorks (6.3) image with u-boot 1.1.3 :: mkimage entry point and address ?

Stefan Roese sr at denx.de
Thu Nov 30 21:52:26 CET 2006

Hi Michael,

On Thursday 30 November 2006 18:59, Chaffin, Michael wrote:
> I have a working system, PowerPC embedded in Xilinx Virtex II Pro, that
> does boot into Linux using u-boot 1.1.3; but I need to load a VxWorks
> (6.3) image and boot from that. I have read the documentation, but I
> don't know what my entry point for mkimage to use, sysInit()? What 
> should my load address be?

The VxWorks image is an elf image and has it's load address encoded. Why not 
use this information (see below)?

> To date I have used the following command
> 	mkimage -O VxWorks -A ppc -C none -a 0x00 -e 0x00 \
> 	  -n vxWorks1a.msc -d ./vxWorks ./vxworks1a

Not needed.

> I load the resulting file (vxworks1a) to the device, and attempt to run
> the it
> 	=> loadb 0x00200000
> 	## Ready for binary (kermit) download to 0x00200000 at 115200
> bps...
> 	## Total Size      = 0x000e09b6 = 919990 Bytes
> 	## Start Addr      = 0x00200000
> 	=>
> 	=>
> 	=>
> 	=>
> 	=> bootm 0x00200000

Why don't you just use the U-Boot command for booting VxWorks images "bootvx"? 
One reason could be, that you don't have support for this built into your 
U-Boot image (you have to include CFG_CMD_ELF in the commands).

So either use the bootvx command right away, or rebuild your U-Boot image with 
support for the "elf-" commands (like bootelf or bootvx).

Something like:

=> tftp 800000 vxWorks
=> bootvx 800000

Please note that you also have to setup the "bootargs" environment variable. 
This will be copied into the VxWorks bootline (on PPC's at 0x4200).

Best regards,

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