[U-Boot-Users] Where to put semi-common files?

Stefan Roese sr at denx.de
Tue Apr 3 21:29:36 CEST 2007

Hi Jon,

On Tuesday 03 April 2007 21:09, Jon Loeliger wrote:
> We are needing to introduce the 8544 DS board soon.
> It's board is essentially identical to the board in the 8641HPCN.
> Both boards have an FPGA on them that controls carious system
> parameters and configuraiton parts, including the reset logic
> that we've already discussed.  That FPGA is called "PIXIS" and
> has support code for it already added to the 8641hpcn's directory.
> Naturally, we need exactly the same code for the 8544 DS board
> now too.  But it can't be in a shared board directory, nor are
> the two SoC parts even in the same CPU families.  One is 85xx,
> the other is 86xx.  The FPGA isn't really a device for which one
> might think "driver/", so that likely isn't the right directory
> either.  Perhaps lib_ppc/?

I would suggest to start moving your Freescale boards ports into a freescale 


Then you could add a common freescale directory, as done already for "esd" 
or "prodrive":


If you take a look at this directory you will notice here some common FPGA 
code (and others stuff too). This is not CPU specific and not a generic 
driver, so it shouldn't be moved to the cpu/xxx or drivers/xxx directories.

Any other opinions?

> Actually, there are other very similar bodies of code that are
> shared across boards and CPU families (for example, the DDR setup
> code in spd_sdram.c).

spd_sdram should be moved to cpu/xxx/ since it's cpu specific and not really a 
driver. We have this for cpu/ppc4xx already in plance for all sorts of 4xx 
SDRAM controllers.

> Do you have a good place where you would like to see this sort
> of shared code?  It is easy enough to pick up just the parts that
> are wanted during compilation due to CONFIG options, but we need
> a directory from which we can share these sources.
> Recommendations?

Please see above. Just my 0.02$.

Best regards,

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