[U-Boot-Users] Added a custodian status page to denx.de/UBoot

Jerry Van Baren gerald.vanbaren at smiths-aerospace.com
Thu Apr 5 16:56:03 CEST 2007

Jerry Van Baren wrote:
> Wolfgang Denk wrote:
>> In message <000201c7776d$fde43300$821ba8c0 at Emea.Arm.com> you wrote:
>>> 	Now I believe I can push branches to the u-boot-arm repo 
>> Yes, you can do that.
>>> (I was reading gu-arm as git-arm - I should use bigger fonts.....)
>> The "gu" prefix is just our internal market that the user ID is for a
>> "[g]it [U]-Boot" repository.
>>> I was hoping to push each patch that I approved up to the u-boot-arm as a
>>> branch,
>>> for others to test.
>> I'm not sure if this is actually a good idea. It may quickly create a
>> mess of branches.
>>> Then I would ask you to merge from it when testing was complete.
>> Please don;t. I want *you* to perform the merging, and when this  was
>> successful,  to  send  me a pull request. This way, I can always pull
>> from your master branch and don;t have to care if there are  hundrets
>> of branches in your tree and what is for what.
>>> Then I would delete that branch when merged.....
>> You cannot delete anything in a git repository. Onc created, i remains
>> there forever.
>> Best regards,
>> Wolfgang Denk
> I have not looked in the repository to see what it actually does, but 
> "git branch -d" deletes merged branches (it refuses to delete unmerged 
> branches) and "git branch -D" deletes unmerged branches.  I presume this 
> does not leave much detritus.
> If we use branches:
> 1) Primarily used in the custodian trees:
>     a) Useful for keeping track of work in progress
>     b) Specifies what Wolfgang needs to pull into the mainline
> 2) Must be kept clean - delete ones no longer useful
> 3) VERIFY/merge with the mainline BEFORE requesting a pull.  If Wolfgang
>       finds a pull requires a merge, YOU HAVE FAILED as a custodian (or
>       u-boot's world has shifted under your feet - probably the latter;-)
> I see 1b) as being very important.  Wolfgang has been VERY responsive 
> for pull requests (THANKS!) compared to the pre-custodian days.  If it 
> takes more than a few days to pull a set of changes into the mainline, 
> branches are the only practical way to keep track of what is pending. 
> Trying to say "pull from 7cd5da0fe877e7171a4cdd44880bce783132871a to 
> aea03c4e8c3a21ce43d3faf48a6e6d474c8bdf73" is NASTY (OK, that was a bit 
> of a paper tiger).
> On the Custodian page
> <http://www.denx.de/wiki/view/UBoot/CustodianGitTrees#Pulling_changes_from_the_master>
> I took a crack at the process to do (3) - I don't believe my recipe is 
> correct yet.  Maybe I'll get the right recipe on my next change or maybe 
> a git wizard will update it.  (I think the best approach is to create a 
> temporary merge branch in your local repo, pull the latest "master" into 
> it, pull your "to-be-pulled" branch into it, resolve any problems, and 
> then delete the temp merge branch.)
> gvb

OK, I thought about it for 30 seconds and I think this is a good recipe 
(still to be proofed out):
especially the section "BEFORE Requesting a Pull"

Best regards,

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