[U-Boot-Users] TI Davinci patches

ksi at koi8.net ksi at koi8.net
Wed Apr 11 19:22:55 CEST 2007


As I can see nobody is interested in Davinci support and nobody's gonna at
least review the patches I sent last week, right?

Please let me know what else should I do to get them into the main U-Boot
tree. I want to share this with the rest of community and I do also want to
avoid the hassle of reaplying my own set of patches every time new version
is released...

I do really hope somebody IS interested. I won't bother you guys any more if
nobody is.

Best regards,
Sergey Kubushyn

*  KSI at home    KOI8 Net  < >  The impossible we do immediately.  *
*  Las Vegas   NV, USA   < >  Miracles require 24-hour notice.   *

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