[U-Boot-Users] Internel Memeory test using Uboot

harsh poshtiwala hiharsh at gmail.com
Thu Apr 19 15:40:21 CEST 2007

Hi ,

I am using  Nomadik (nmdk88810)  / ARM926-EJS processor.It has
internel RAM of ( Tightly Coupled Memory ) 40 KB.

I would like to test the internel RAM. i.e I want to write some
pattern on it and read it.

My idea is to use u-boot to check it ,since u -boot has different
memory commands for memory check and memory test.

I have a u-boot 1.1.1 from ST microelectronics for nmdk88810.After
building u-boot the binary ( Uboot.bin) size is 146 KB. Which gets
loaded to FLASH and hence RAM of the board.
(The Development board has internal (Processor) and external memory).

I was thinking of stripping of unnecessary functionality from the
u-boot to achieve my goal.

i.e i don't want to have networking library / functionality.
Simiarly i don't need to have file system library /functionality

Am i following the right approch?

is it possible to just make changes in the Top level Makefile of uboot
and achieve this ?

Is there any better way around ?

I am looking for some pointers from you.

- -
Thanks & Regards

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