[U-Boot-Users] Proposal for patch to configure networkparameters

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Sun Apr 22 20:48:44 CEST 2007

In message <000901c784eb$0f3b8b50$01c4af0a at Glamdring> you wrote:
> I consider it acceptable to have  "include/configs/<board>.h" to be constant 
> for most users
> of my S/W; but the networking environment will be different.
> This is different for each user.
> The memory configuration is also different.

Things like  serial  number,  MAC  address  etc.  fall  in  the  same
category.  All  other manufacturers I know handle this in a different
way; see my explanation earlier. So far, nobody else complained  that
any problems doing that.

> > Instead of doing this, which fixes the problem for you while  leaving
> > the  rest  of the U-Boot community in the dark, we could also discuss
> > if there is a way to make U-Boot configuration easier for all of us.
> This is a major undertaking and a long term project, which I have no chance 
> of driving.

Not necessarily driving, but contibuting.

> If someone decides that u-boot should be configured as part of the buildroot
> configuration, then I can contribute.

Tailoring U-Boot for buildroot would be the wrong approach. We  don't
want  to create any such dependencies. Instead, we should try to come
up with a solution that works well for all users, no matter  if  they
use buildroot or ptxdist or whatever.

> Buildroot will allow me to create the contents of the board.h file in an 
> incremental fashion
> if I let the automatically generated info override the board.h files.  I 
> like that.

You did not comment on my argument that you can do this already  now,
in a similar way you do it for Linux.

> I do not need to test any boards that I do not have access to.

I am aware that this is your position.

> I am not sure I agree that I keep everyone in the dark since I publish the 
> source of my buildroot tree.

Substitute "everyone" by "everyone who does not use the same too  set
like  you  (i.  e.  buildroot)",  and you can see what I mean. If you
want, that is.

Best regards,

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