[U-Boot-Users] fdt addr should copy fdt out of flash

Jerry Van Baren gerald.vanbaren at smiths-aerospace.com
Tue Apr 24 21:25:06 CEST 2007

Timur Tabi wrote:
> Jerry, I don't know which email address of yours to use, so I'm sending 
> this to all of them, because I frequently don't get replies to my emails 
> to you.

Hi Timur,

They all work.  Don't take it personally, my wife claims I ignore her 
too.  ;-)  Seriously, I don't intentionally ignore you, it seems like a 
spam filter is hitting one of us.

The email addresses correspond to my day job, my night job, and I 
subscribed to the u-boot list at home via gmail to control my email 
clutter (I'm also subscribed to the u-boot list at my day job because 
I'm an email junkie).

> I noticed in the code for 'fdt addr' that you don't mempcy the fdt into 
> RAM if the address is in flash.  This means that commands like 'fdt set' 
> won't work.  In these cases, I think the 'fdt addr' should automatically 
> copy the fdt into RAM.
> I believe that the original code did this already, so the current 
> behavior is technically a regression.

"fdt addr" is to tell fdt where the blob is in memory.  If you want to 
move it from flash to RAM, you need to use "fdt move".

The "bootm" code (should) still copy from flash to RAM if necessary, 
because I adapted the existing code.  I have not built any multi-images 
and flashed them so that code is untested.  I sent a query for RTFM 
pointers on building multi-images but nobody responded and I have not 
had time to follow up on that yet.

Best regards,

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