[U-Boot-Users] [PATCH] ARM: add support of CONFIG_LAST_STAGE_INIT for arm

Michael Schwingen rincewind at discworld.dascon.de
Sun Dec 9 17:38:13 CET 2007

Wolfgang Denk wrote:
>>  #endif
>>  	eth_initialize(gd->bd);
>>  #endif
>> +	/*
>> +	 * Some parts can be only initialized if all others (like
>> +	 * Interrupts) are up and running (i.e. the PC-style ISA
>> +	 * keyboard).
>> +	 */
>> +	last_stage_init ();
>> +#endif
> Please, not yet another such thing.
> Is there any specific reason why you cannot use any of the existing
> entry points, like for example board_late_init() ?
In my case, I need board-specific init code for the ethernet 
PHY/Switches, which needs to run after eth_inizialize, so 
board_late_init (at least on arm) is still too early.

If we could move board_late_init after eth_initialize (ie. directly 
before calling main_loop), that would work in my case, and would remove 
the necessity for my reset_phy patch.


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