[U-Boot-Users] Fwd: how to change uboot's console baudrate ?

harsh poshtiwala hiharsh at gmail.com
Tue Dec 11 18:22:51 CET 2007

Hi All,

I do have uboot  (1.1.4) that has baudrate set to 460800 in board
specific config file  (ARM 926-EJS ,nomadik8810b processor)

Now we want to change it to 115200 from uboot  prompt (nomadik prompt)
using "setenv" followed by "saveenv".

from u-boot prompt i do  following

setenv baudrate 115200
setenv  bootargs root=/dev/mtdblock3 rootfs=jffs2
console=ttyAMA1,115200n8 init=linuxrc panic=10

I do see change in baudrate when kernel comes up but for uboot
(console) the baudrate remains the same (460800) even though
printenv confirms that baudrate is set to 115200.

(Is it some different baudrate ? i.e file download over serial )

can't i change the  baudrate of console dynamically when uboot
comesup? using setenv and saveenv?

I reffered uboot's README file  that mentions about CFG_ENV_ADDR

We have bottom boot sector flash with all uniform sectors (128kb

I build uboot with 3 different CFG_ENV_ADDR (one in the same boot
sector whetre xloader and uboot recides , next sector in which u boot
recides, one of the unused flash sector located after my root file
system image/)

Is there anything that may be causing uboot console to not to switch from
460800 to 115200 baudrate?
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