[U-Boot-Users] Patches for 85xx question

David Hawkins dwh at ovro.caltech.edu
Wed Dec 12 22:45:55 CET 2007

Hi Robert,

> Hey thanks, what a long strange trip its been ;-) .

Sounds more like the trip you should have expected.
That'll teach you for being optimistic, eh
I get burned for being that way too - an engineering
trait I guess.

> For the memory issues, we found a memory chip (Micro 533MHZ) that
> works 95% of the time, and the hardware guys are working with
> Freescale support for our second revision, and in fact have already
> improved things considerably on other chips. That's good enough to
> continue the project ;-) .

Feel free to provide details on your solutions.

The Freescale design documents are sparce in some places,
incorrect in others. AN2931 which contains the design
recommendations for boards based on the 83xx series processor
has been revised multiple times since I started work on my board.
And even now, there are other valid ways to implement parts
of the design.

> The PCI issues were resolved also by hardware, via using "Asynchronous
> mode" instead of "Synchronous mode", thereby routing CLKOUT to
> PCI1_CLK. See the " PCI Clock Selection" section if
> interested.

So you have clocking issues?

> So the latest 2.6.24RCx kernel's now booting, and all that's left is a
> few driver issues. That and submitting patches ;-) .

Glad to hear your 'Tuna' can swim.
Sure beats being stuffed into a tin can :)


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