[U-Boot-Users] Problems Building u-boot-1.3.1

raptorbrino at aim.com raptorbrino at aim.com
Thu Dec 13 19:51:19 CET 2007

I guess a better question is whether u-boot should support
builds on cygwin without modification.  If the answer is
"doesn't matter," your answer suffices.  If the answer is
yes, something must be modified.  My fix was to add the
-ansi switch to the build flags, however, there's probably
a less invasive way than requiring the compiler to only use
ansi compliant features.

raptorbrino at aim.com writes:

> I'm having a problem building u-boot-1.3.1.  It complains when using 
> host compiler to compile sha1.c because it doesn't know what the data
> type
> __u64 is.  This datatype is defined in u-boot/include/asm/types.h.
> However,
> I'm using cygwin, and it has the file /usr/include/asm/types.h.  The
> types.h
> file in cygwin does not define __u64.  Because the compile uses the 
> -idirafter, the cygwin types.h is used in the include, hence an unkown
> symbol compile error.  I fixed this problem in my local build by 
> the
> flag -ansi to CPPFLAGS in tools/makefile.  Is that appropriate or 
> you
> recommend fixing it another way??

I would recommend fixing it by using a nice Linux system instead of
Win$, but thats just me...

Best regards

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