[U-Boot-Users] Problems Building u-boot-1.3.1

Markus Klotzbücher mk at denx.de
Thu Dec 13 09:10:20 CET 2007

raptorbrino at aim.com writes:

> I'm having a problem building u-boot-1.3.1.  It complains when using the
> host compiler to compile sha1.c because it doesn't know what the data 
> type
> __u64 is.  This datatype is defined in u-boot/include/asm/types.h.  
> However,
> I'm using cygwin, and it has the file /usr/include/asm/types.h.  The 
> types.h
> file in cygwin does not define __u64.  Because the compile uses the flag
> -idirafter, the cygwin types.h is used in the include, hence an unkown
> symbol compile error.  I fixed this problem in my local build by adding 
> the
> flag -ansi to CPPFLAGS in tools/makefile.  Is that appropriate or would 
> you
> recommend fixing it another way??

I would recommend fixing it by using a nice Linux system instead of
Win$, but thats just me...

Best regards

Markus Klotzbuecher

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