[U-Boot-Users] porting u-boot 1.1.5 to at91sam9260

Alessandro Rubini rubini at gnudd.com
Sat Dec 15 19:48:57 CET 2007

> is there any one working on porting u-boot 1.1.5 to at91sam9260 soc.

I'm happily using 1.2.0 on the 9260. Atmel offers both 1.1.5 and 1.2.0,
so I chose the latter; I had problems on the 9263 but it runs fine
on 9260 (timer management is broken in both versions, though).

The sources are at ftp://at91dist:distrib@

BTW: anyone knows why 926x code isn't merged and whether there are plans
in that direction?


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