[U-Boot-Users] POST tests without OCM

Craig Millen craig.millen at pikatech.com
Sat Dec 15 17:32:59 CET 2007

Yes I am using the 440EP.  I was referring to all the code in
cpu/ppc4xx/commproc.c, like this section:
#if defined(CONFIG_POST) || defined(CONFIG_LOGBUFFER)
void post_word_store (ulong a)
	volatile void *save_addr = (volatile void *)(CFG_OCM_DATA_ADDR +
	*(volatile ulong *) save_addr = a;

ulong post_word_load (void)
	volatile void *save_addr = (volatile void *)(CFG_OCM_DATA_ADDR +
	return *(volatile ulong *) save_addr;

There are a few more functions in there that refer to the OCM.
What/where is the unused GPT that you are talking about?


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Hi Craig,

On Friday 14 December 2007, Craig Millen wrote:
> I am trying to incorporate some of the POST tests into my u-boot, but 
> I do not have any on-chip-memory (OCM). A lot of the code appears to 
> use OCM for storage of data/testing.
> Has anyone achieved this by using the cache or any other means?

We are thinking about moving this POST_WORD from OCM to an unused GPT
(General Purpose Timer) register. You *are* talking about the 440EP,
right? This should be possible here too.

Patches are as always welcome. :)

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