[U-Boot-Users] 4xx ethernet bringup

shami Allam shamiuboot at yahoo.co.in
Fri Dec 21 13:11:01 CET 2007

Thanks for the information. But I read some where that for the Lab testing purpose that I can give the IP address!!!!!
  I am able to read the PHY inforamtion by command mii info 0x01<PHY Addr>. Following is the info....
=> mii info 0x01
PHY_PHYIDR2 @ 0x1 = 0x5c90
PHY_PHYIDR[1,2] @ 0x1 = 0x20005c90
PHY_BMCR value is 0x2100
PHY 0x01: OUI = 0x80017, Model = 0x09, Rev = 0x00, 100baseT, FDX
  But my Link LED is not glowing at all. Always my Link status shows "Not Active" can anyone throw some light for me.....

Stefan Roese <sr at denx.de> wrote:
  Hi Shami,

On Thursday 20 December 2007, shami Allam wrote:
> I assigned the ethaddr as and after that i run the command
> "saveenv " and reset the board.

As Wolfgang already mentioned, this is *not* an ethernet address but an IP 

> I got the following Net: ppc_4xx_eth0. once 
> i get the shell prompt i assign the ipaddr as and after that
> i run the command "saveenv" and reset the board. Now i tried to ping my
> Host PC which has the IP address as, i am getting the
> following error.....I am not able to ping the host IP. Can you please show
> some way to come of this issue..... => ping
> Trying ppc_4xx_eth0
> PHY speed read failed, assuming 10bT
> PHY duplex read failed, assuming half duplex
> ENET Speed is 10 Mbps - HALF duplex connection

Did you configure the PHY address correctly? What does "mii info" show? how 
did you configure the PHY address in your board config file?

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